Логотип компании Оямиакон бытовки и контейнеры

Модульное здание:

  • сборно-разборное (Транспак)
  • для условий низких температур
  • сложногнутый профиль рамы
  • порошковая окраска в камере
  • высокое качество комплектующих
  • сбалансированная конструкция
  • повышенная комфортность

Идеально подходит для:

  • модульных зданий
  • вахтовых поселков
  • строительных городков
  • модульных общежитий
  • модульных офисов
  • модульных столовых

Supplier of European block-containers and mobile residential systems CONTAINEX

Containex, a member of the Austrian concern WALTER GROUP, offers in the Russian market buildings on the basis of its Containex containers. For more than 30 years of experience, due to its high quality, the company has established itself as the undisputed leader in the block container market. Representations of the company for the implementation of projects from Containex block containers are located throughout Europe, including a representative office in Russia.

Containex Containers are used in the sectors of trade, industry, social sphere, organization and conduct of events, in conflict zones and natural disasters.


Containex container 20 ft

Structural feature of block containers

The CONTAINEX system supports the concept of collapsible structures. Containex Containex Containers are delivered to the construction area, fully equipped in a compact package. The packaging is the floor and ceiling of the container, which are fastened together by transport racks.


The installation of containers on site is quite simple task, however, it is necessary to have general building skills. To assemble the block container, two working and one lifting mechanism with a carrying capacity of up to 2 tons are necessary.

When constructing a mobile complex Containex Containex Containex containers are bolted together by means of fitting angles with which each container is equipped.

Parallel connection points of containers are sealed and isolated from external deposits by rubber seals.


In the delivery set of the block-container, the customer receives wall panels having external and internal finishing. Containex Container is equipped with electrical wiring. All electrical work has already been done at the factory. The wiring is built into the wall panels and the ceiling. Between the containers are connected by jumpers, also offered for delivery.

Alternative producers

 To each European country, there are alternative enterprises that build collapsible block containers under a similar scheme of Containex. Also the market is shared by numerous Chinese companies. In Russia, there are practically no alternative manufacturers that collect block containers under a similar scheme.

One of the alternative producers on the territory of Russia is the company Oyamyakon. The company's production is located in Moscow.

The OYAMYAKON system, like the CONTAINEX system, supports the concept of a collapsible block of containers. The Oyamykon system allows you to deliver complete mobile buildings in transport packages. On one vehicle it is possible to transport up to 10 Oyamyacon modules. Modules are equipped with hidden electrical wiring, as well as external and internal finishes. Block containers Oyamyakon Malamut and Oyamyakon Kli-Kai, as well as Containex Containers, adhere to strict sizes, regulated by the ISO standard. Each block-container, like the Containex container, is equipped with filing angles. Fittings allow efficient transportation of containers to the site of dislocation, as well as to connect containers when building mobile complexes.

Information about the system OYAMYAKON you can find out on our website. For more information on Containex systems, please visit the Containex official website at www.containex.ru.


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